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Veterinary Bursary

PLEASE NOTE: VAN is currently accepting applications from first year veterinary science students for a VAN bursary.

The Veterinary Association of Namibia (VAN) is the professional organization representing veterinarians and para-professionals across Namibia. The Association serves the veterinary profession by promoting continuing education for all members and protecting the interests and status of the veterinary profession in Namibia.

From time to time we offer a bursary to support a Namibian student to study the degree of Veterinary Science at a university within the SADC region. This bursary only covers tuition fees.

An inivtation to apply is advertised in the local media and on this webpage whenever we have a bursary available. VAN always encourages historically disadvantaged students to apply for this opportunity.

View and download the VAN BURSARY APPLICATION FORM (233KB PDF)
View and download theBURSARY ADVERTISEMENT (69 KB PDF)

Margareta Kankono

Dear Veterinary Association of Namibia family

I, Margareta Kankono, fifth year student pursuing a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Zambia (UNZA), am writing to express my sincere gratitude for being the recipient of VAN bursary since 2015/16 UNZA academic year. I appreciate you so much because your financial assistance has changed my life for the best and the prognosis for my dream career is better than I could ever imagine, thanks to you the VAN family; words are not enough to express my gratitude.

I am greatly honored and humbled to be the recipient of the VAN bursary for the past three years now, well, in short, it has been my lifelong dream to attend veterinary medical school since high school although by that time, I thought being a veterinarian is all about dogs, syringe and needle. Little did I know that the profession is much more than what I thought then. I was taught the fact that we play a major role in eliminating zoonotic diseases, and it has been postulated that 75% of all human diseases are of animal origin, meaning the lives of Homo sapiens are dependent on Vets, through their direct and indirect contributions to human health and welfare. Studying different species has amazed me from the core of my heart.

To all VAN members out there thank you so much for your support. And to the previous VAN treasurer, Dr Adrian Adank, thanks for making the payments on time and my sincere apology for troubling you to make the transaction before the exam, beside your busy schedule, you always find time and make extra effort. The VAN family should rest assured that I will work extra hard and smart towards my paper and that I am not going to stop here.

Regards (Margareta Kankono,)