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World Veterinary Association

World Veterinary Association



Happy New Year from the WVA President

Dear Colleagues,
It is the start of a new year! I want to thank to our many Member Associations and Observers, for their participation and contributions to the WVA’s activities in the past year, and I am looking very much forward to continue in 2017 the good work of the WVA to lead the world`s veterinary profession and to act as the global voice for veterinary medicine, both public and private.
As the world continues to become more closely interconnected between people, animals, and environment, we need a strong WVA more than ever to deal with global veterinary issues and to unite the profession worldwide through its local, national and regional associations.

This year I want to emphasize the value of prevention in animal and human health. We have stressed the importance of improved animal welfare, access to good quality and proper use of animal medicines (especially antimicrobials), veterinary medical education, and zoonotic diseases. Yet, what will give the most value to all of these issues is quality veterinary education worldwide, and emphasis on basic preventive care in the form of vaccination, basic disease control, and community education. To provide the best welfare, which includes animal health, we need to focus on better preventive care. We need more consistent veterinary medical education for entry level veterinary licensure and assured core competencies in a global world. This can only be accomplished through accountable accreditation practices, including a self-assessment process to identify curriculum gaps and to continually improve veterinary medical programs. This is a responsibility of every veterinary school delivering a veterinary medical degree in every country. We need a strong regulatory system for our profession in all countries, and a system for continuing education after graduation from a veterinary medical college. We must work on these goals together.

Finally, I would like to highlight two important events that will take place in 2017. The first one is the WVA Elections for WVA President-Elect and Councilor positions. The WVA Elections 2017 will be conducted via electronic voting system starting on 5th June 2017. A call for nomination will be sent to all WVA Constituent members in February 2017.

The second event is the 33rd World Veterinary Congress will take place in Incheon, Korea from August 27-31, 2017. It features state-of-the-art technology, a great scientific program, extensive exhibit hall, a Global Summit on Animal Welfare, a Tripartite Summit on One Health, and an introductory Education Forum to improve veterinary education around the world. It will give a platform to several issues for discussion and education plus an amazing cultural experience networking with colleagues from around the world in beautiful Korea. See you in Korea!!

Thank you for your membership. We need your expertise and participation for the world to hear our message about our role as veterinarians for the global public good. We need your input as Constituent Members or Observers for our discussions. Don`t be left out of the process!
Please forward this info-news to your individual members

WVA • Avenue de Tervueren 12 • 1040 Brussels • secretariat@worldvet.org
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